• No alcohol, glass bottles, Sky Lanterns or Fireworks may be brought into HYFEST
  • No Barbecues of any kind are permitted
  • No Animals except registered assistance dogs
  • Anyone found in possession of drugs or other illegal substances may be ejected and may face prosecution
  • To enable us to comply with the four licensing objectives Alcohol cannot be brought into HYFEST and any alcohol purchased at HYFEST must be consumed within the licensed area.
  • For Health and Safety reason Glass cannot be brought into HYFEST

HYFEST will be operating the Challenge 21 initiative which aims to cut down on underage alcohol sales and highlights the fact that:

“If you are lucky enough to look under 21 you will be asked to prove that you are over 18 when you buy alcohol”.

Acceptable forms of proof are: photo card driving licence, passport or PASS* accredited proof of age card.

The ‘Challenge 21’ initiative encourages sellers of alcohol to ask for official forms of identification from anyone that appears to be under 21-years-old.  If a trader suspects someone is under that age and doesn’t have the relevant identification, they will not be served.  Stewards on site also have the power to request proof of age if they see anyone drinking alcohol who appears to be under age.

The scheme is being promoted because it can be very difficult to identify accurately whether someone is 17, 18, 19 or 20 but is usually easier to determine whether someone is 21. However if young people have official identification to prove they are over the age of 18 they will of course be served legally.

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